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About the Practitioner


                          Improve the quality of life thru caring touch                                      


I truly do want to try and bring a balance to my clients body,mind, and spirit .     

Susie J. Alexander - Newman, LMT

I am a mother, grandmother, and a daughter, and love being them all.

I have lived back  in Tullahoma for almost 35 years, I moved back when my daughter was 4 1/2 years old and my  son was just 11 months old, so I consider myself to be a native.

I have always been a touch person, so this gentle caring touch became natural for me, and I truly believe that my life's journey and the paths that I have traveled have made me into the caregiver I am today.     

I started Tullahoma On-site Bodywork & Massage in 1995.

My past medical history as a Nationally Certified Medical Assistant and physical therapy technician, would prove to be a very valuable in my career as a Licensed Massage Therapist, but my life lessons of caring and compassion have made me the therapist I am today, along with being a lifelong learner of the heart.  I stepped out in faith a long, long time ago, and have never regretted my choice. 

I have many hours of education under my belt, but none compare to the invaluable training  I received prior to receiving my License for Massage therapy in 1995.   I was given a great opportunity to grandfather into this profession as one of the first Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Tennessee, License # 0000000022. 

I have over 2000 hours of hands on training in massage therapy at a rehabilitation center in Tullahoma Tennessee, this is where I was a physical therapy technician, and where I was taught how to do Swedish Massage from Christina Kindle at the Rehab center. I attended Cumberland Institute of Wellness Education in Brentwood,and under the direction of Chad Porter, the Director at the time, I was encouraged to take classes that would benefit me as a Massage Therapist and I felt the need to gain more knowledge about the Physiology part of Massage.

After a long history of working in the medical field from 1980 - Present.  I have served as a care giver to many, but there has never been a more rewarding and gratifing work , than that of a Bodywork & Massage professional.  It is the most amazing working opportunity to try and make a difference in someone's life, with a gentle touch of caring hands.

 11-30-1995 thru present        Tullahoma On-site Bodywork & Massage

  Past medical experience:

  Physical therapy technician/Massage Associate/LMT: Rehabilitation center in Tullahoma  Tennessee

           Office Manager: Family Practice, Manchester Tennessee

                   Certified Medical Assistant:  Family Practice In Tullahoma Tennessee

                          Medical Assistant:  Cardiology Consultants, Nashville Tennessee 

         Susie Alexander-, LMT,  Jackie Entin, LMT, do not diagnose, prescribe medications, or claim that our services or products, cure, treat, or prevent disease or illness's.  Please consult your physician for any medical concerns. Individual results vary. 

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