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About the Practitioner

A note from Susie Alexander Newman, LMT

I have had a great opportunity to work with and support many Licensed Massage Therapist throughout the years. 

 I want to say thank you to my clients that entrusted your massage therapy health in my hands.  I've had a  wonderful career for 26 years and have made some wonderful friendships.  I'm excited to start a new phase in my life, getting to spend more time with my family.  I leave this business in the hands of  Claire Strickland Burt, LMT.   Claire is a compassionate,  kind, caring, knowledgeable, gifted massage therapist whom I trust 100%.  I really couldn't of asked for a better person to entrust my clients' care to.   I thank God for her, as it has allowed me to walk away with peace in my heart. I pray the Lord will always bless her and anyone she has the opportunity to touch with her gifted hands

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Claire Burt, LMT  does not diagnose, prescribe medications, or claim that our services or products, cure, treat, or prevent disease or illness's.  Please consult your physician for any medical concerns. Individual results 




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