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5/1/2023. I trust Claire Strickland Burt,  LMT 100% to take care of my massage health and wellness and I trust that she will do a great work for your body, mind, and spirit as well.   Susie Alexander-Newman,  LMT

5-22-11 to present 12/2020

I have been a client of Susie Alexander-Newman since 1997.  I have fibromyalgia and initially saw her because of pain from an injury.  Susie was aware that individuals with fibromyalgia sometimes respond differently, and she was able to give relief from pain instead of additional pain, which had happened to me in the past.  For me, massage is not a luxury but truly a blessing.  At first, I would have massages only when I was in extreme pain but found if I had massage regularly I could manage the fibromyalgia better.  With a stressful life with  Family, church, and job responsibilities I truly believe I would not have been able to continue working without regular  massages.  Susie amazes me with her knowledge of the body and how it functions.  Regular massage has improved my quality of life.


12-10-11 to present 12-2020
I have seen Susie since March of 2001, and I have had many massages all over the country and none compare to the massages I receive from Susie. Tullahoma On-site Bodywork & Massage's facility has a very soothing affect the moment you walk into the building.  The entryway has a waterfall that you will hear as you wait for your appointment, peace and calm, come to mind when I think of my massage appointment, I can walk in with pain, and walk out without pain. I know that Susie has the highest of integrity in the work that she presents and she would expect excellence.    I would recomend Susie Alexander-Newman to all.           
                                                   Jamie M


12-10-11 to present 12/2020
I have been a client of Tullahoma On-Site Bodywork & Massage for many years and can say that their professionalism and expertise is evident in every one of the therapists that work out of there. Personally, I see all of the therapist at 607 E. Carroll St. and enjoy each ones different touch.  It's a matter of preference, but in my case, I like to change it up and see different therapist because they each are unique in the work they do.  Above all else you will find that the therapist   are interested in making you feel better and improving your overall well being and health.  Whether you want a relaxation massage or deep tissue work, you will be pleased with the work any of the therapist perform.  I highly recommend the services provided by all who work out of there.  .!!!!!

                                                                   Kathy S.

 3-30-11 to present 12/2020
 My name is Ashleigh Mc. J, and although Tullahoma is where I was born and raised, I reside in California, but I wish I lived here all the time so I could get a massage from Susie every month.  I just received a massage for 1 hour and I feel phenomonal. I do make it  home every few months and I make sure that Susie's hour of massage is scheduled for me in advance.

Susie is a phenomonal massage therapist and I know anyone who works in with Tullahoma On-site Bodywork & Massage would be excellent, as Susie sets a very high standard for herself, as well for any massage therapist working thru her establishment.

I would encourage anyone, young or old to seek out an hour a month to have a massage with Susie, or any other therapist located in with Tullahoma On-Site Bodywork & Massage.   It will change your life. 


                                                                       Ashleigh Mc. J




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